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Biodegradable plastics and compostable masterbatch

In accordance with changes in EU waste legislation and according to the harmonized standard “EU-EN-13432”, the use of biological raw materials for plastic and compostable packaging favors the reduction of environmental pollution and a more efficient waste management. effective (Circular Economy).

In this sense, NTC has been working with PLA (polylactic acid) for a long time; a material derived from natural raw materials such as corn, cane sugar and tapioca for the manufacture of biodegradable plastics that decompose in the environmental conditions of nature.

In the line of compostable materials, NTC manufactures masterbatch derived from PHA, linear polyesters produced in nature by the action of bacteria by fermentation of sugar or lipids and which disintegrate in controlled times and conditions. This compostable masterbatch is currently being applied in the food sector.