Thanks to these principles, we have developed innovative technologies, products, solutions, and services

NEMARA’s resources at your disposal.

NEMARA’s relevant experience is materialized in the Lab, where a skilled team of colorists and researchers formulate products specific to your needs, either from a written specification, a sample, or a real final product.
We have an in-house pilot plant that allows us to replicate a PET bottle manufacturing process end-to-end.
  • PET preform and plastic injection machines.
  • PET preform blowing machines.
  • Masterbatch mixing and extruding machines.
By taking a look at the sample we are able to better assess the specifications of our product so we can offer you exactly what you are looking for.
NEMARA’s commitment is a personalized formulation responding to the technical needs of the client’s application guaranteeing high quality and fast delivery time.
At NEMARA we are convinced that lasting value comes from anticipating market needs by providing innovative products.

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