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New Colorpet Slider, injection moulding of PET preforms

A new development for injection moulding of PET preforms, adding to our list of additives and colorants for polymers and resins.

One of major disadvantages of PET preform manufacturers is the large space required to store this material. Octavins with large empty spaces caused by the geometry of the preform create the need for space, decreasing the profitability of the warehouse and increasing transport costs.


NTC SLU’s Slider Colorpet, for PET preforms, thanks to its unique formulation, allows the preforms to slide relative to each other by repositioning themselves inside the bag, increasing the amount of preforms that can be stored in an octavin by 20%.


The Slider for PET preforms, due to its nature, brings several improvements during the injection blow moulding process, such as :

– easy demoulding of the preform,

– greater fluidity of matter

– increases the speed of the preform in the blowing rail, which increases production by preventing jams in the blowing line, thus providing less friction resistance.


We have two presentations of this product:

– In masterbatch form, with a recommended dosage of 2%.

– In liquid form, with dosing through a 0.2% pump during injection.


This product does not interfere with the preform colouring. NTC SLU, being a colouring specialist, can include it in the production of PET dyes, either as a masterbatch or liquid.

This product compiles with food contact regulations, so it can be used in all types of packaging.