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Anti-block PET dor using in film, sheets or plates

Our new anti-block PET complements our new line of additives for PET.

Anti-block PET is recommended for using in film, sheets, or plates, giving to the material an optimal anti-blocking effect during extrusion thanks to the micro roughness surface formation, and thus avoid problems during winding.


Due to these micro-roughnesses, the contact surfaces between sheets or film blades, are considerably reduced which facilitates their separation and detachment during winding process.


The recommended dosage of our MTB-6489 is of 2 %.

Depending on the thickness part, an application range between 1-3 % is considered normal.


Being the polymeric matrix based in PET, our material does not present incompatibilities, avoiding the problems caused when mixing different materials.


Our product compiles with Food Contact EU directive Nº 10/2011

antiblock PET EN

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